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Recruiting Drive

I'm curious about what drives people? Or what doesn't drive people to volunteer? We always hear "times have changed" and I don't disagree, but the need is still there. The need for volunteers, not only in the fire service but all forms of organizations. Back in the day, your parents & grandparents volunteer for everything, Kiwanis Club, Bridle Club, Chamber of Commerce, organizing parades or celebrations, it's just what they did.

So back to the "times have changed" qoute. What has changed? Society? Family? Jobs? The ability to have time to volunteer?

Back to the original question... what drives you? Your volunteer fire department needs your help. Does running lights and sirens into an emergency or going the opposite way everyone else is, drive you? The thrill of being able to help someone on their worse day, would that drive you? Being part of something so special, that not everyone can do it, would that drive you?

The self reward of making a difference in someone's life........ to be able to feel that, that should drive you!!

Become a member of our family..... Douglas Okanogan Fire District 15..... see contact information on our web page to learn more or to join!

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