Area Burn Bans


Douglas County Burn Ban: As of June 1st there is a burn ban in effect in Douglas County.

Okanogan County Burn Ban: As of July 3rd there is a burn ban in effect in Okanogan County.

Please follow all rules and regulations when burning.

Contact our office at 509-689-0216 if you are unsure

of the regulations prior to your burn.

2020 Okanogan County Burn Ban


     On July 3, 2020 at 12:01 AM (midnight) Okanogan County’s BURN BAN will go into effect and will continue to be enforced until official notice is made rescinding it by the County Commissioners.

     This burn ban is county-wide, affecting all private and county properties in the un-incorporated areas of the county, including DNR assessed properties.

     Because hazardous fire conditions exist in Okanogan County, there is established a burn ban on all outdoor burning of combustible materials in the County. 

     Combustible materials may include, but are not limited to, outdoor burning of yard waste, non-emergent agricultural burning, charcoal barbecues, exploding gun targets and bullet tracer rounds. The use of gas fired barbecues and propane fire pits is allowed. (No charcoal barbecues allowed.)

     This burn ban does not apply to silvicultural burning on lands regulated solely by DNR’s outdoor burning rules and regulations, or on U.S. Forest Service protected lands or within the Colville Reservation and in the incorporated cities/towns.

     Most cities/towns follow Okanogan County on implementing a burn ban, two follow Mt. Tolman, one does not allow burning at all and a few have set dates. Contact your city/town halls for the most accurate Burn Restrictions.

     DNR, U.S. Forest Service and the Colville Tribes may have similar burn bans in effect and citizens of the county are strongly encouraged to contact them for burn restrictions.


DNR 1-800-323-BURN(2876)


U.S. Forest Service Tonasket Ranger District  509-486-2186

U.S. Forest Service Methow Valley Ranger District  509-996-4003


Colville Confederated Tribes (Mt. Tolman)  509-634-3100


View Okanogan County Emergency Management 

2020 Burn Ban information Page.


Fireworks are illegal in unincorporated areas of the county.

View Okanogan County Code 8.48 FIREWORKS


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For more information about Burn Bans check out the links below.

Prohibited Materials and Burn Barrels

Burning household waste and other garbage is prohibited. In Washington State, it is only legal to burn natural vegetation. Burning anything in a burn barrel, including natural vegetation, is illegal. Burning in a barrel limits the amount of oxygen that can get to a fire, which results in lower burn temperatures, incomplete combustion, excessive smoke, and more toxic substances released into the air. The smoke from a burn barrel stays close to the ground, making it difficult for people to avoid breathing toxic smoke.

Burn Bans

A burn ban is issued due to impaired air quality or extreme fire danger. Ecology, the Governor, the County Fire Marshall, or local Fire Districts may issue burn bans. If you are planning to burn, call the Agricultural Burn Hotline at 1-800-406-5322 to find out if it is a good day to burn in your area. Contact your local fire department or the Department of Ecology before starting any fires.

To find out more about burn bans: